GAS VENT SIGNS | Massachusetts Gas Vent Regulation
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Massachusetts Gas Vent Regulation

 Our gas vent signs and decals are designed to comply with Massachusetts State Law, as shown at the following link:

5.12: Modifications to Chapter 12, Venting of Appliances

(4) Add a new sub-section as follows: Marking of schedule 40 PVC and other non-metallic piping Schedule 40 PVC and other non-metallic piping used for ventilation, make-up, or combustion air intake shall be labeled as follows:

(a) Throughout the entire developed length:

1. Labels must be placed every ten feet for exposed/visible piping; or

2. Labels must be placed every three feet for concealed piping.

(b) At all changes of direction;

(c) On each side of a penetration through a partition, wall or ceiling; and

(d) The labels shall be black lettering that:

1. indicates that the piping is used for ventilation, make-up, or combustion air intake, and

2. the letters shall be sized equal to a minimum of the pipe diameter. However, for piping with a diameter exceeding two inches, said lettering does not need to be larger than two inches.

(5) Delete the last sentence of sub-section 12.9.4.

(6) Add a new subsection 12.9.7 as follows:

12.9.7 Signage Whenever any through-the-wall vent is installed less than seven feet above the finished grade, a metal or plastic identification plate shall be permanently mounted to the exterior of the building at a minimum height of eight feet above grade directly in line with the exhaust vent terminal. The sign shall read, in print size no less than 0.5 inches in size,  “GAS VENT DIRECTLY BELOW. KEEP CLEAR OF ALL OBSTRUCTIONS”.